Rule the Trading Jungle

In trading, there are winners and losers. Be the winner.

The Official Trading Platform of TradeSmart University

Step 1:
Identify your Hunting Ground

Where is your domain? Are you best at attacking a retracement or stalking a breakout?

Stop spending countless hours hunting for profit among thousands of possibilities. Just press a button and let the Lyon do the work.

Not sure where to hunt for trades? No problem!

Let TradeLyon help show you where profit is waiting for you right now!

Step 2:
Tracking & Planning

Now it is time for your edge. Stop looking through messy charts - that’s not your game.

Use the proprietary ClearTrend indicator to see exactly how your ticker is behaving. Armed with information other traders only wished they had… it’s time to decide. Is this the trade for you or do we send the Lyon back out for other options?

It’s your money. You deserve only the best trades.

Step 3:
Execute Flawlessly Always

It’s pay day - are you ready?

Once TradeLyon has identified the ticker and armed you with the knowledge of its movement, it is time to put cash in your jeans.

Your execution should be simple and it should be effective. Your trading platform should be working for you, and not vice versa.

We agree.

TradeLyon is paired with world-class resources and education provided by TradeSmart University to make sure you get it right - every time.

It's Go Time.

You want to get up and running quickly. We understand. That’s why every TradeLyon user gets access to world class trading resource developed by TradeSmart University. Hit the ground running. Dominate this week.


30-Day Risk-Free Trial

It’s simple. If you don’t love TradeLyon, we’ll give you your money back. After trial pricing is $169 monthly.

While others search, you find.

TradeLyon provides scans for all of the most fertile hunting grounds. Want to venture off the beaten path? We’re with you! If you can imagine what you want to scan for, TradeLyon will do it.

See more clearly.

World class trading requires world class tools. TradeLyon provides the right indicators that give deep insights into market behavior.

Not satisfied with the status quo? TradeLyon can help you program your own indicator - and test it.

Data in Real-time.

Quality data is a must when you want to be a trader who can rule the trading jungle. Many popular charting softwares use inferior data which leaves the user in the dark and unaware. TradeLyon taps into the highest quality market data feeds available and delivers that data direct to your home with virtually no delay.

Not only is the data convenient and quality, but it is complete. With TradeLyon, you have REAL TIME, Intra-Day streaming charts for all U.S. equities and forex. Now you can see every market with clear perspective when you trade with quality data.

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